Electrolysis Price List

Electrolysis Price List
Consultaion £15.00
You must have a consultation, whether you have had electrolysis before or not.
The reason being we both need to understand the issue at hand because
 everyone is different and  medical paperwork needs to be filled out.            Aftercare after treatment is vital!  Aftercare like Aloe Vera or Sterex tinted cream must be applied 3 times a day for 3 days or until any reactions i.e. redness swelling or bumps have gone, if any at all.
10 minutes £12.70
15 mintues £15.00
20 mintues £20.00
30 minutes £27.40
40 minutes £34.00
60 minutes £40.00
Package of 10 £360
A package of 10 treatments is for hour clients or clients who need more
 than an hours treatment.  So you book 10 treatments and pay for 9.