ENVIRON Beauty treatments

body masage

Enjoy either a 40 minute back massage or an hour full body massage, tailored to suit your needs.

 For any muscle tension (Usually in the shoulders!) Aloe Heat (Anti-Inflammatory) is used. Also use a machine to sooth tight muscles.

**Females Only

Saving Our Enviroment by using less water!

BrazzCare® (formerly Balbcare) is a brand that was born from the wish to integrate the culture of care and beauty of nails, to create revolutionary and technologically advanced line of products: Emollient gloves and socks. Imagine a manicure and pedicure service that doesn’t require water: saving both time and resources!

With that in mind, our brand evolved to into yet another segment, that of polish – BrazzCare® Gel Express and files – BrazzCare® The Extraordinary Foot File. Also leaders, technologically, in their respective categories.


Step by Step BrazzCare Water Manicure

BrazzCare® is the Manicure revolution, it completely eliminates the use of water and accessory moisturizers and creams. Meet the Step by Step to the best manicure service in the world, with BrazzCare® Kit Content: 1 Pair of high density Polythene Gloves 26g of professional Emollient (Moisturiser) Professional quality nail file Wooden Pick    See also BrazzCare Gel Express BrazzCare Socks BrazzCare Extraordinary Foot File   Brazzcare exclusive treatments are redefining the Manicure BrazzCare gloves make each manicure faster and easier…