As soon as I saw the first hair appear on my face, I thought, oh its ok there is only one it wont matter if I plucked it. Months later I discovered there was more and plucking was not getting rid of them. I then went to search for a more permanent solution. I come across electrolysis and started having treatment with Jeanne and Abigail. I must say I am very pleased with the results and could see the effects from my first treatment. I now have areas where hair do not grow at all. , .
Miss Akhtar
West Midlands
I have used Abigail's services and she is very knowledgeable, discrete and caring. She gave me some nutritional advice which has been valuable. I have no problem in recommending her
D Vickers
As a teenager when I started to shave my cheeks I noticed fine hairs just under my eye area and decided to shave them also. Eventually my cheek hairs became very thick to the point where I had a 3 o’clock shadow, which I didn’t like. What man likes having to shave once a day let alone twice a day. This made me depressed, so one day I drove passed ” Friday’s Electrolysis Clinic” , and decided to go in and find out how I can get rid of my hairs! It was the best decision I’ve ever made and money well spent! I’m pleased to say that I give credit to those ladies for the hard work they put in to clear my cheeks. People are always asking how I got a neat shaving line! And i’m not a shamed to tell them how and where I got it from
Mr Mateen Mohammed
West Midlands

Body Massage

I had a massage with Abigail and I had pain in my shoulders and knees, she really helped me and sorted out the issues.  Abigail is very professional and commented.  Was relaxing.  I am going to come back for more treatments.  Thank you!




I have been here for a while now and highly recommend the service and treatment provided.

Abigail is always professional and efficient.

The premises and facilities are clean and tidy.

As a client you are treated with the up most respect.

From Yardley