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Are you trying to get pregnant or have irregular periods?

PCOS Treatment and Supplements in the UK Inofolic and you. If you are trying to get pregnant, Inofolic treatment boosts ovulation to 70% within 3 months and normalises periods – significantly increasing your chances of becoming pregnant. Inofolic® is of vegetable origin (with no gluten or lactose) and has no unpleasant side effects. Check this

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IPL Guidelines pre &post

We always give a pre/post advice sheet out when you come in for your consultation.  For your patch test For the patch test and consultation don’t worry too much about preparation. At this point it’s time for us to assess the hair colour and thickness and we can always shave the small patch to be

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Underarms IPL

IPL , what can it be used for?

IPL is an increasingly popular cosmetic treatment, which uses pulses of filtered light to achieve a variety of different effects, by targeting specific parts of the skin. Because of the versatility of the light filters, IPL can be used to treat many different skin concerns.  What can it be used for?  IPL is excellent for treating

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Health Solutions

Health issues that contribute to unwanted hair include: Diabetes, both types High Blood Pressure Skin problems such as Excema, Psoriasis, Acne etc… High Cholestrol Both types on Thyroidism And many more… Take the Diabeties test and read and listen to the information only by following the link below.  This is for information only!  I’m not

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  Living Stones of Birmingham Ambassadors for Christ – Food Bank If you are interested and would like to contribute or want more information; below are the following details which you may require: Office hours: 9am – 5pm               Enquiries: 0121 356 2575             Unit 1, Tamebridge Industrial Estate, Aldridge Road, perry Barr, Birmingham,

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The Difference Between PCOS and PCO

PCOS and PCO PCOS is a health condition linked with hormonal imbalances and insulin resistance, which can bring about a whole menu of symptoms. The most common symptoms are: • Hirsutism (most common) • Irregular periods • Infertility • Acne • Weight Gain PCO is when you have lots of cysts on your ovaries but

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What causes unwanted facial hair?

What “Causes” Unwanted Facial Hair? Unwanted facial hair is usually not related to a serious illness. However, it can be caused by several different factors, sometimes in combination. Since every woman is different, only a doctor can provide your diagnosis. However, it can be caused by several different factors, sometimes in combination. Here are the

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Talking about PCOS

PCOS? Never heard of it! ‘Why have you never heard of PCOS?   Many women ask this question when they are diagnosed, or are asked it when they try and explain to someone what’s been making them feel under the weather.  It is amazing that a condition estimated by the medical profession to affect up

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