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DO YOU NEED A SKINCARE FRIDGE? WHAT IS A SKINCARE FRIDGE? A skincare fridge is one of the latest trends in the beauty industry. This compact refrigerator does not go in your kitchen but right in your bathroom specifically to store your beauty products. Women are putting anything from eye masks to face serums to lipsticks

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An answer to Acne Skins founder and scientific director Dr Des Fernandes believes ‘no one should have uncontrolled acne and get permanent scars and pits. He has spent more than 18 years researching and developing an innovative skincare solution that targets the root causes of breakouts and says keeping vitamin A levels high in the skins helps reduce the

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The Role of SunScreens in anti-ageing Do you know which sunscreens should you use? Is a higher sunscreen better to use? How do you choose a sunscreen? Do you have more questions?  I’m sure you do, just like I did. Well, watch the video above to find out…

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Are you trying to get Pregnant or have Irregular periods?

Having irregular periods isn’t normal!  You need to see your GP and ask questions.  Please don’t be deceived with just taking tablets the doctor may give you!  Do some research. Diet is vital concerning this issue. PCOS Treatment and Supplements in the UK Inofolic and you. If you are trying to get pregnant, Inofolic treatment

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IPL Guidelines pre &post

We always give a pre/post advice sheet out when you come in for your consultation.  For your patch test For the patch test and consultation don’t worry too much about preparation. At this point it’s time for us to assess the hair colour and thickness and we can always shave the small patch to be

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Underarms IPL

IPL , what can it be used for?

IPL is an increasingly popular cosmetic treatment, which uses pulses of filtered light to achieve a variety of different effects, by targeting specific parts of the skin. Because of the versatility of the light filters, IPL can be used to treat many different skin concerns.  What can it be used for?  IPL is excellent for treating

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IPL for men – Hair removal without ingrown hairs

Body hair removal for men is one of the fastest growing areas of the grooming market. Men around the world are waking up to the fact that smooth skin isn’t just for women anymore. Whether it’s back hair or uneven ‘plumes’ of hair on your shoulders you can be rid of it.

Hair removal options

For the hair on your face, there’s pretty much just two methods to select – an electric shaver or razor. There are many more options for body hair removal. Waxing, sugaring, epilators and creams, to name a few, but all of these options come with serious downsides. Waxing hurts and is really high maintenance as you have to go back every month. Epilators are the same, although you don’t need to book appointments, you still need to maintain it. If you’re getting rid of hair on your back, you’ll need a very patient partner to do it for you! Not only are all these hair removal methods messy and inconvenient, but you also have to deal with something that women don’t have to worry about as much – you’re far, far more likely to get ingrown hairs.  Men’s skin is much thicker than women’s, and your hair is a lot thicker too, which makes new growth much more likely to get stuck, causing painful red spots all over your skin. But there is another way….

IPL Hair Reduction

Using specialised light filters to deactivate the hair follicles, IPL is a fuss-free, permanent hair reduction option. All you have to do is turn up for your treatments, and the expertly trained therapist will use a specialised handset to shine pulses of light into your skin  – it’s as simple as that. And importantly, once you finish your IPL treatments, you don’t have to worry about ingrown hairs! Rather than cutting the hairs or pulling them out, IPL stops your follicles from producing hair in the first place, which means there’s nothing to get stuck in your skin. It’s the perfect choice if you want to enjoy fuzz-free skin without hassle, ingrown hairs or inconvenient upkeep. 

IPL for your face

Now, while it’s not a good idea to get IPL hair reduction done on your face (it’s permanent, so if you change your mind one day and want to grow a beard, you won’t be able to) there are lots of other IPL treatments you can have done on your face – such as Photorejuvenation, which is ideal for helping to reduce spots, scarring, areas of pigmentation from sun damage (did you know that 50% of men never wear sunscreen?!) and fine lines and wrinkles. When you inquire about IPL Hair Reduction, make sure you ask the therapist about Photorejuvenation too.