The Difference Between PCOS and PCO


PCOS is a health condition linked with hormonal imbalances and insulin resistance, which can bring about a whole menu of symptoms. The most common symptoms are:
• Hirsutism (most common)
• Irregular periods
• Infertility
• Acne
• Weight Gain

PCO is when you have lots of cysts on your ovaries but generally no hormonal problems. Women with PCO generally have no problems hence why they don’t realise they have PCO.

Causes and Solutions to PCOS
There are a number of causes  why women have PCOS ;

genetics, poor diet, pollution, stress levels and lack of exercise.

It is the genes  controlling both androgens (testosterone) and insulin production that seem to play a vital role in PCO/S. Yet there are a variety of other genetic factors that will affect the type and severity of symptoms experienced. In addition life style and environment play important roles in developing symptoms.

• Limit Carbs/Low GI (Glycemic Index)
• Stay active
• Use nutritional and herbal support
• Support your emotional health
• Support detoxification (ALOE VERA Forever Living Clean 9)